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Give your property and assets the fire protection they deserve

Fire Suppression

Your security is assured with GreenTech

Read about our huge donation of High-Tech Fire Suppression Tools to Ukraine!

We donated over $100,000 worth of aerosol fire suppression devices to support the efforts of the Ukraine people to defend their nation.

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Who We Are

Leaders in Innovative Fire Suppression Equipment

GreenTech offers a wide range of user-friendly self-contained fire extinguishing modules, as well as tailor-made modular suppression systems to address the commercial, industrial and military market needs. We provide both Fixed and Portable Fire Suppression Solutions.

Company Overview

GreenTech Fire Solutions

Serving North America

Operating from North Vancouver, Canada, with coverage throughout North America. Contact us for details.


Quality Assured

With multiple certifications, including UL-listing, you can depend on the quality of all GreenTech Solutions products.

Countless Applications

GreenTech Fire Solutions products are suitable for most industries, wherever fire is a risk.

Protects Lives

The technology involved in GreenTech Fire products can extinguish fires without any toxicity to humans or animals.

Protects the Planet

The eco-friendly technology involved in GreenTech Fire products does not contribute to climate change in any way.

Protects your Property

GreenTech Fire products protect your home or business assets from fire by drastically limiting water damage.

It's What We Do
UL-Certified Technology
Suitable for any structure
Saves lives + properties


Innovative Ideas

Fixed Systems

Installed in rooms and cabinets where fires would have enormous potential for damage. Non-toxic to people or animals.

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Portable Units

These small units are suitable for First Responders, Fire Fighters, Security personnel, on job sites, in the field, and even for home use.

FirePASS® Oxygen Reduction Systems

FirePASS® can create a breathable oxygen-reduced (hypoxic) environment which prevents flame ignition and is safe and healthy for human occupants for short periods of time. Contact for more information.

Foam Suppression Systems

Environmentally-friendly foam suppression systems are the best choice if an outdoor fire needs to be extinguished quickly or if a fire needs to be covered to prevent an even bigger disaster. Contact for more information.