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GreenSol A1000 aerosol generator
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Revolutionizing the way fires are extinguished


GreenPort FST

The GreenSol A5000 by GreenTech Fire Solutions.


The GreenPort Fixed Portable system is a versatile fire suppressant with both a fixed self-activating system and a portable manual activation unit.

GreenPort Fixed

• Safe • UL-Certified • Non-pressurized • Non-toxic • Environmentally Friendly • Does not deplete or displace oxygen • Dramatically reduces heat instantly • Water-Free • Non-harmful to humans or animals

Read about our huge donation of High-Tech Fire Suppression Tools to Ukraine!

We donated over $100,000 worth of aerosol fire suppression devices to support the efforts of the Ukraine people to defend their nation.
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Who We Are

Leaders in Innovative Fire Suppression Equipment
GreenTech offers a wide range of user-friendly self-contained fire extinguishing modules, as well as tailor-made modular suppression systems to address the commercial, industrial and military market needs. We provide both Fixed and Portable Fire Suppression Solutions.

Fixed Systems

These can be installed in rooms and cabinets where fire would have enormous potential for damage. They are an ideal replacement for toxic gaseous systems, or water sprinkler systems that cause damage to the rooms they are designed to protect.
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Portable Units

These portable units are suitable for First Responders, Firefighters, police and security personnel, or others that might encounter fires on job sites or in the field. Small enough to easily carry in the trunk of a car, or the bed of a truck – no vehicle should be without one.
Many other fire suppression systems are being phased out or banned completely, due to their toxicity to humans and/or the environment. However, GreenTech aerosol generators are non-toxic to humans and animals, and they won’t contribute to global warming or deprive the fire scene of oxygen or harm the ozone layer.
  • Non-Toxic 100% 100%
  • Ozone Depletion Potential 0% 0%
  • Global Warming Potential 0% 0%

GreenTech Fire Solutions

Serving North America

Operating from North Vancouver, Canada, with coverage throughout North America. Contact us for details.

Quality Assured

With multiple certifications, including UL-listing, you can depend on the quality of all GreenTech Fire Solutions products.

Countless Applications

GreenTech Fire Solutions products are suitable for most industries, wherever fire is a risk.

Protects Lives

The technology involved in GreenTech Fire products can extinguish fires without any toxicity to humans or animals.

Protects the Planet

The eco-friendly technology involved in GreenTech Fire products does not contribute to climate change in any way.

Protects your Property

GreenTech Fire products protect your home or business assets from fire by drastically limiting water damage.

Watch the GreenPort FST in action!

What’s New(s) in Fire Suppression?

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Apartment owners, insurance companies and government officials are taking note of the growing fire threat from electric scooters and bikes.

GreenTech Fire Solutions donates fire suppression tools to Ukraine, to help battle fires like this.

GreenTech Fire Solutions Donates Fire Suppression Tools to Ukraine

GreenTech Fire Solutions Donates High-Tech Fire Suppression Tools to Ukraine to help defend their nation against fires caused by war.

Havila Krystruten shipping company bans EV cars.

Norwegian Shipping Company Bans EV Cars Over Fire Fears

Norway’s Havila Krystruten shipping company bans EV cars on its ships following the results of an external investigation.

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Calgary Fire Department chief Steve Dongworth

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The Calgary Fire Department is warning residents to be aware of fire hazards when using electronic devices with lithium-ion batteries.

FDNY safety bulletin issued for e-bike charging

NYC Landlords Must Post FDNY Safety Bulletin

NYC landlords must post an FDNY safety bulletin warning about fires caused by e-bike batteries that have killed six people so far this year.

Masonic Lodge donates fire suppression devices

Masonic Lodge Donates Fire Suppression Devices

Sun Prairie Masonic Lodge 143 donates fire suppression devices to the Marshall Fire Department.

EV fire risks are inherent in any electric vehicle

Government Action Needed On EV Fire Risks

The United Firefighters Union of Australia (UFUA) wants governments to help mitigate EV fire risks, as sales of EVs grow at a rapid pace.

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Battery-related cargo fires are now shipping’s most expensive cause of loss, according to Allianz Global claims in the marine sector.