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4 Workers Injured by CO2 Gas Release

Nov 8, 2022Gas fire suppression, Worker Safety0 comments

Image about worker safety used in a story about CO2 gas release to suppress a fire.


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November 8, 2022

4 Workers Injured by CO2 Gas Release at Los Angeles Airport

Four workers were injured, including one critically, by a CO2 gas release in a Los Angeles International Airport utility room, authorities said.

One man was initially in grave condition but was upgraded to critical on arrival at a hospital, Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson Brian Humphrey said in a statement. The man was initially described as being in his 50s but was later confirmed to be 36.

Two other men and a woman were treated at the scene for minor complaints.

The gas release was initially reported in the Terminal 8 baggage area but was later determined to be in a utility room about 200 feet away, Humphrey said.

No travelers were directly affected by the release, but airport officials moved about 100 people to neighboring Terminal 7. The terminal serves United Airlines and United Express.

The incident occurred around 7 a.m. on Monday in a room containing electrical equipment that has a fire suppression system that releases carbon dioxide, Capt. Erik Scott, a fire spokesperson, said at a press conference.

The four victims were independent contractors who were working in the room and heard a popping sound, followed by deluge of carbon dioxide, Scott said.