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Control Rooms

Fire Suppression Systems for Control Rooms

Control rooms are the heart of many production facilities. In many instances it is critical that the operation of these computer and electronic systems is not interrupted. For example, the financial consequences of production or service disruptions can be devastating and even threaten business continuity.

GreenTech Fire Solutions offers fire suppression and extinguishing systems that can help you significantly reduce these risks. Protecting both compartment and/ or equipment, GreenTech Fire will offer you a system that is selected and designed specifically for these high demanding applications.

As an all-around supplier of fire suppression systems, GreenTech Fire offers tailored fire detection and suppression systems for control rooms, electrical rooms, switch gears and data centres.

Every fire safety solution offered by GreenTech Fire is carefully reviewed based upon quality, durability, effectiveness, consequential damages, environment, personal safety and costs.

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