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Electrical Cabinets

Fire Suppression Systems for Electrical Cabinets

Electrical cabinets represent the most underestimated areas of fire hazards. According to common insurance industry statistics, approximately 30 % of all fires are caused by defects on electrical systems, devices or equipment.

Protecting a switchgear or electrical cabinet means that you have to consider the special situation you are working with:

  • The cabinets are often stuffed with equipment and cabling, there is not a lot of space left inside making a proper spread of your extinguishing agent a challenge.
  • The cabinets show a high variety of openings, causing loss of extinguishing agent.
  • The insulation around cables and electrical equipment represent a high fire load, risking a swift spread to other cabinets or rooms.

An extinguishing system that protects the entire room around the cabinet is not desirable and/or often impossible. GreenTech Fire Solutions recommends protecting the cabinets from the inside. This way the fire can be detected in an early stage and most damages can be prevented.

As an all-around supplier of fire suppression systems, GreenTech Fire offers tailored fire detection and suppression systems for electrical panels, and electrical cabinets.

Every fire safety solution offered by GreenTech Fire is carefully reviewed based upon quality, durability, effectiveness, consequential damages, environment, personal safety and costs.

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