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Power Distribution

Fire Suppression Systems for Power Distribution

Power distribution at electric substations contain a number of features that represent particular fire risks*:

  • Substations are generally unattended.
  • The equipment in substations operates at relatively high energy levels.
  • Some substation equipment contains significant fuel loads. In particular oil cooled transformers and reactors, and large cable banks contain significant masses of flammable material.
  • Cable ducts and conduits can act as paths for oil following a transformer failure.
  • Unsealed ducts can convey burning oil into adjacent buildings.

As an all-around supplier of fire suppression systems, GreenTech Fire Solutions offers tailored fire detection and suppression systems for transformer and power distribution substations.

Every fire safety solution offered by GreenTech Fire is carefully reviewed based upon quality, durability, effectiveness, consequential damages, environment, personal safety and costs.

* Source: RailCorp Engineering Standard — Electrical Substations Fire Protection and Detection Standard

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