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Server Rooms

Fire Suppression Systems for Server Rooms

Fire safety is crucial to safeguarding server rooms and data centres which hold critical business and organizational information around the world. The challenges in these facilities are complex: a combination of extreme fire risk in combination with priceless data. Flammable equipment stacked closely together, coupled with high speed airflows.

A suppression system will only allow you to prevent further damage after a fire has already started. A precise detection system allows you to be informed, but will not prevent the fire from happening.

As an all-around supplier of fire suppression systems, GreenTech Fire Solutions offers FirePASS® permanent oxygen reduction system that creates a permanent hypoxic environment, preventing ignition from all common ignition sources. In other words, this unique system allows you to actively prevent a fire from starting. Read more about this system on our solutions section.

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Environmentally Safe


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