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GreenTech Fire Solutions Donates Fire Suppression Tools to Ukraine

Mar 21, 2023Fire Suppression Devices0 comments

GreenTech Fire Solutions donates fire suppression tools to Ukraine, to help battle fires like this.

GreenTech Fire Solutions Donates High -Tech Fire Suppression Tools to Ukraine

The BC-based company’s donation worth over $100,000 consists of over one ton of aerosol fire suppression tools


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GreenTech Fire Solutions Inc. of North Vancouver, Canada, is donating over 200 aerosol fire suppression devices to Ukraine, via the Canada-Ukraine Foundation. These devices are used throughout North America to knockdown major fires to allow quick entry and suppression. This will be a great contribution to the safety and security of the Ukrainian people in the defense of their nation. The donation is mostly hand-held portable units (“pull the pin and throw it in”) and also includes installed units, that are mounted for automatic detection and discharge.

The GreenPort Portable Fire Suppression Tool (“GreenPort FST”) extinguishes fires without the use of water or oxygen depletion. A single unit on ignition can saturate a space up to 100 M3 (about 3,500 ft3), which can knock down a fire from flashover temperature of 1000 Celsius to 25 Celsius in under a minute. The aerosol is non-toxic to the environment and not harmful on limited direct exposure to people, and is replacing the recently banned and phased out gases and chemicals that have been used in the past.

Installed aerosol fire suppression devices are designed to be triggered using electricity or batteries automatically on fire detection and are for complete suppression. They are suitable for almost all applications where conventional water sprinklers aren’t in place or not operational due to damage or lack of water, and where a full first responder response may be delayed.

“I was happy to confirm the Ministry of Emergency Affairs in Ukraine already has experience with the fire suppression technology we use and readily accepted the donation,” said Don Gordon, chief executive officer of GreenTech Fire Solutions Inc.

GreenTech Fire Solutions is proud to participate in the effort to help Ukraine defend themselves, and encourages everyone to join in, by privately donating aerosol fire suppression devices to Ukraine, or even to their local volunteer fire stations. GreenTech aerosol fire suppression devices are non-harmful to humans or animals, non-pressurized, non-toxic, and water-free.

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