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Prevention and protection


Big or small, mobile or stationary – GreenTech Fire Solutions has the fire suppression solution for your needs. Choose from fixed units, portable units, or one that can be both. Your fire problem, our fire solutions.
Fixed Installations
GreenPort FST
Portable Solution
GreenPort FIXED
Both Portable & Fixed
The GreenSol A1000 by GreenTech Fire Solutions.

6 different sizes suitable for any interior – from cottages to container ships, and from electrical cabinets to warehouses – there’s something to protect every enclosed space.

The GreenPort FST by GreenTech Fire Solutions.

Take these hand-holdable units anywhere, and use them everywhere. These are ideal for First Responders, Fire Fighters, Police, Security personnel, field trucks, and more.

The GreenPort Fixed Portable system is a versatile fire suppressant with both a fixed self-activating system and a portable manual activation unit.

The perfect hybrid unit – use a mounting rack for a Portable unit and connect it to the alarm system for automatic deployment. Or when needed, disconnect it and use it on a fire in an adjacent room or building. The best of both worlds.