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About GreenTech Fire Solutions

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GreenTech Fire Solutions Inc. is a supplier of highly effective, innovative and environmentally friendly fire suppression and extinguishing systems for almost all thinkable applications like server rooms, generator rooms, control rooms, substations, archives, aviation, marine, fire fighters, remote applications, inside construction vehicles, electric buses, wind turbines and much more.

As an independent supplier, GreenTech Fire Solutions offers GreenSol aerosol systems, FirePASS permanent oxygen reduction systems, foam suppression systems and specialized vehicle suppression systems. Through innovation and continuous critical review, GreenTech ensures the best solution for its customers’ demands.

Mission statement
GreenTech works with environmentally friendly fire suppression product lines to save lives while protecting enclosed spaces – limiting the damage caused and the cost to repair – all at a reasonable price! GreenTech is poised to forever change the landscape of fire suppression in North America.

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